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Devisri Sarkar
Canine Behavior Enthusiast, Pet Parent Trainer, DogPack Parent, Canine Diet & Nutrition Consultant

My journey of discovery into the world of canine behaviour started about 12 years ago with my first dog, Caesar Augustus (who also features in my logo) and my determination to give him a life that he deserved. That journey and my thirst for knowledge and observation led me to different schools of thought, methodology and researches, 4 more dogs and many more rescues and fosters all of who became the ones who guided me with their responses and made me the person I am today around dogs.

The Urban Dawg turned from dream into reality five years ago when I decided to share this journey of in-depth study, observation, practical try efforts on streeeties, friends pets and my own wise pack. I learnt so much more as I figured out how to bring them up in an urban world which was not naturally theirs by default.

I started The Urban Dawg with a vision of co-parenting. The aim is to get pet-parents understand their dogs behaviour, mannerisms, likes and dislikes (basically all aspects of their personality) while boarding here.

90% of pets develop behavioral issues at home or on holiday for 2 basic reasons:

  • boredom or lack of mental stimulus, and
  • pet-parents inability to read the signs and respond.

As a practicing canine behaviorist, I seek to identify & understand the dog while they stay with me and find ways to keep them occupied, resulting in a calmer, happier, more confident pet while at home stay.

Then, of course, it’s about educating per-parents with audio-visuals taken here so they can do similar stuff at home. In the process I learn a lot more around dogs and their social behaviour, stress triggers & response to stimuli.

Anecdotes around my case studies from a behaviour, diet and well-being standpoint are what I intend to share and document as my legacy to urban pet parents who wish to do the very best for their dogs.

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Socialization Programs

Socialization is not just about your dog being friendly with other dogs.

Socialization is preparing your dog with the skill of coping with confidence in multiple environments and situations, both with humans and other dogs, depending on your lifestyle choices.


Puppy School

Puppy School is the equivalent of a creche for a human child, where your puppy learns vital skills for the development of the mind and cognizance.

At TUD, puppy school involves learning through the bonding with dogs as well as with humans.


General Consultation / Assessment

At TUD, we follow a co-Parenting model of education. With our guidance, you can become a canine behavior expert for your OWN dog to arrive at the best lifestyle and behavioral management skills for your dog.

Consultation is on appointment basis only.

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Boarding & Day Care

TUD would love to host your dog(s) while you are on vacation, provided they meet the in-house criteria.

If your dogs are part of a Training program or have been socialized at TUD, then you can also avail of our Day-Care option (morning to evening only).

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Crate Training & Travel Acclimatization

Crate training is about making your dog travel-ready, and choose to use the crate as a place of rest and sleep during a journey.

Your dog learns to be independent and not get anxious in your absence and when being handled by strangers during travel.

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Diet & Nutrition Consultation

Determine the best diet for your dog given its age, breed, physical, mental and medical conditions.

Understand the species-appropriate diet for your dog, and identify your dog's nutritional needs.

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